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How To Negotiate With A Publisher

How To Negotiate With A Publisher

Someone's Having A Gay Old Time

Sid Vicious Was My Lover

Sid Vicious Was My Lover

When Sex Pistols Fall In Love

Ukraine, Crimea & World War III

Ukraine, Crimea & World War III

Step Away From The Red Button, Vladimir

Wake Up & Smell The Pr0n

Wake Up & Smell The Pr0n

Self-Publishing 1, Traditional Publishing 0

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson: Standing Up For Himself

His first major interview since winning Celebrity Big Brother

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All Time Greats

John Simopoulos: A Tiger Burning Bright

John Simopoulos: A Tiger Burning Bright

When we asked John Simopoulos, Founding Fellow and Dean of Degrees at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, to read Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner last year, we had an overwhelming response from listeners wanting to hear more from him. We’re thrilled to welcome John back to present this special more →


Seth Godin: The New Face Of Publishing

There are some people who just get what’s going on: faster, more accurately, and more cogently than the rest of us.  Seth Godin is one of those people.  A legend on the ‘net, Seth authored the most popular e-book ever written (“Unleashing The Idea Virus“) and commands speaker’s fees that more →

Debriefer Special with Dan Rather

Dan Rather Speaks Out

“I wanted to know what went on -what really went on – inside Viacom/CBS… about the collaboration between very big business and very big government.”  So says television legend Dan Rather in this special edition of The Debriefer.   “I knew that a lot had gone on behind the scenes [in more →

Tim Butcher

The World’s Deadliest Country

Get your jabs, people! Our guest (and fixer tonight) is none other than the great travel writer Tim Butcher – journalist, war-correspondent and author of the best-selling Blood River: A Journey to Africa’s Broken Heart, which describes his hair-raising attempt to retrace Henry Morton Stanley’s 19th century route up the more →

Russ Baker

The Zelig of American History

How do you go about writing a book about one of the most powerful dynasties on earth? That’s the challenge special guest Russ Baker faced when he first considered writing about the Bush family; a tribe that encompasses two U.S. Senators, one Supreme Court Justice, two Governors, two Presidents and more →

Our Man In The Cold

Our Man In The Cold

Tonight’s show is a real-life thriller: featuring espionage, double-dealing, murder and even a dash of Hollywood.  And a British ambassador who sees things he shouldn’t – and decides to tell the world. Sounds like the plot of a movie?  Craig Murray‘s amazing story has already been optioned by producers – more →


Rhett Butler: Giving A Danum

He’s been charged by elephants, black-listed by the Malaysian government, caught-up in tribal warfare in New Guinea and been bitten, stung and infected by creatures still unknown to science. Tonight, Rhett Butler (yes, that really is his name and no, we’re not afraid to go there) talks to us. Rhett more →